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Life Can Be Better

Posted on June 8, 2009 at 3:56 AM

Life Can Be Better Ahhh...It'sanother day in  paradise...or so they say. *Sigh* This coming Saturday,June 13, will finally be my IELTS exam. I'll be taking it at MallberrySuites at exactly 9AM. Therefore, I have to be there by 7:30AM. Gottawake up really early, mate! IDP Australia's Testing Center will takecare of our examination process. Wish me luck...


Aight, I'vebeen preparing for quite some time but heck, I still feel that I havenot put in enough effort. Well, Life Can Be Better. That's ourcorporate maxim. We want life to be better, a life worth living for allpeople. Hopefully, my own life would also be better...well, it can bebetter. I'm positive on that.


How do we make life better forourselves? For others? Honestly, I only know one thing. And that's byloving yourself first before others. But of course, you have to put Godbefore everything else. Which reminds me yet of a past that is stillclinging to me. A dark one at that. Which haunts me every now and then,but I need to let go of it to make my life a lot better. A brother toldme this morning to let go of my fears, offer them to God, so that Icould focus well on my exam.


Very well, then that's what Iwill be doing. Put all my good memories in the white bucket and the badones in the black bucket. But then, God has made a hole in the blackbucket, so that everytime I walk, carrying my two buckets, all that I'mcarrying are my good memories and all the bad one will be droppedoff...God bless all IELTS Takers of Cagayan de Oro City on June 13,2009.


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